Automatic ABM System    

This system is used for constructing the ironic buildings. This system depends on the production of iron sheets produced by mobile sheets units which put the sheet into the curve form and according to the required form. This system is used in building a complete building and roofs and it’s distinguished with flexibility during various design processes.

Aina International Company own two different ABM systems:

  • Machine MIC-240
  • Machine MIC 120

ABM specifications:

  • Low cost
  • Its easy to be transported whether by sea, air or land
  • Easily during executing and no weld or nuts used It used in many buildings such as residential buildings, Halls, factories, camps, stores and silos.
  • Materials are used in this systems are durable and struggling environment’s hazards and need not maintenance.
  • In fact, this system is considered is a real addition to the field of constructions in Sudan for its wide using in all domains which comprise the agricultural, educational, residential and sport installations and other materials used in other sectors. This system is not only used in Sudan but also in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Arab home lands. The fore, in Sudan there are a number of installations have been executed in side Sudan by this system.

Some Projects Implemented by ABM system:

  • Drugs stores (Service rehabilitation Fund)
  • Petroleum Stations
  • Sells terminal for Tebyan Company for car’s maintenance
  • Commercial stores (Omdurman)
  • Studying Halls (agricultural, engineering colleges, Mechanical workshop of Sudan University of technology)
  • Various buildings